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Evergreen Nissan offers something other dealerships don't! A great service with personality.

We always strive to offer you the best prices, service and support you can expect from a dealersip in Saskatchewan. Whether your a business looking for a fleet or vehicles or a student purchasing your first car we can help you get the best vehicle for your budget. Evergreen is constantaly improving our services and we would love your input in how we can make your next vehicle purchase a great one.

At Evergreen Nissan we love all vehicles from Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Hyundai and Hondas to the apple of all our eyes the Nissan. Some people might say we love cars to much, but we think we love them just enough.


We Listen

WE always listen

We want your input so we can listen to matters to you the most. We then discuss the purchase of your next vehicle with you taking in everything you told us was important in your next vehicle purchase. Sounds obvious but some dealerships believe it or not do not offer this service they ask you how much money you have and attempt to sell the vehicle that brings them the most money. That wont happen here! At Evergreen Nissan our Car Sales team is on your side and we want you to recommend your friends when they need a vehicle thats why we lsiten.

Creative & Technical

We are Creative at Evergreen Nissan

Do you need a Truck, Car, or SUV? We will ask you questions that you might not have thought about. Got a Problem with your vehicle? our technicians are literally some of the best in the world. If another dealership cannot give you a for sure answer about what might be causing the problem bring it to Evergreen and we will fix you up.


We are experienced proffesionals

All of our staff have multiple years of experience in Sales, Service, and Support. We belive in honest car sales tactics. No cheap tricks. We want to ensure you get the best vehicle and our experience can help you accomplish this task.

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